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Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre

Today I have visited Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre in Kuwait. This cultural complex located in Kuwait City and very big and very impressive facility.

Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Cultural Centre is a 18-hectare site making it the world’s largest museum complex. There is a 6 different building connected to each other and there is a big theatre on and park in this place.

Especially Space Museum was so good! They even put here Virgin Galactic VSS Unity and when I saw that, I am literally shocked and impressed. Also science museum and nature museum was so good! They design it interactively, you always trying something there and discover some new things.

Entrance fee just 3 KD per adult person and It was definitely worth that small amount. I enjoyed my day. By the way facility is really huge so that means you will spent whole day here, no doubt. And also this place is great for kids, not just for adults.

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