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Kuwaiti fintech UPayments raises seed round

It’s not easy to find a Kuwaiti fintech startup in the market. UPayments one of those fintech startup examples and they are operating in Kuwait. Currently they have different products like UPay, URent, UEscrow and UInterface.

UPayments announced that it has raised seed funding for an undisclosed sum from investors Hamad Ali Al-Bahar and Saud Al Aujan.

The investment is first seeding round and will help us accelerate our operations and explore new opportunities.

Nasser Al Humaidi, UPayments CEO and co-founder of UPayments

UPayments will use these funds to continue developing innovative payment products that would help every business establish an online presence.

Ali AlHabshi, COO and co-founder of UPayments

After that seeding round, I believe that they already start to looking for close a deals for Series A investment.

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