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Kuwaiti adtech startup: Optimize App

Personally I’m not fan of it but Snapchat is literally phenomenal in Kuwait. Also MENA region is among the top three global markets for social media platform Snapchat. A lot of Snapchatters around and its also very affective for advertisers for sure.

Founded by Bader F. AlKazemi in 2017, Optimize app is Kuwaiti adtech startup. They recently launched their mobile app and currently app in beta phase. Basically, app allows you easily create and track Snapchat ads through directly app.

Optimize using Snap’s ad API’s and with their panel, advertisers able to create Snap ads, Story or Collection ads. Now Optimize just focused vertically on Snapchat and make things easier for Snapchat advertisers to reach their target audience.

Optimize app have a good design and look and feel is very comfy. Anyone can come up here, install the app and create their ads on Snapchat instantly. Optimize also using local payment method KNET. Maybe it’s not for big brands but its worth to try by SME’s and end-users wants to advertise on Snapchat. It’s great to track your ads status on your smartphone real-time.

Website: www.optimizeapp.com

or you can download the app on AppStore or Google Play.

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