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iKout: Technology and Tradition

App development here in Kuwait is scarce, but Diwaniya Labs’ iKout represents a purpose that even major app developers often miss.

Kout was a game that I never had the pleasure of learning as a child; a small side-effect of my international upbringing. Despite being Kuwaiti, this traditional pastime has eluded me for over twenty years. A cultural staple that I never knew existed.

At times, learning the game was a struggle. I often spend Friday evenings with my cousins and friends, who undertook the monumental task of teaching me Kout. This task would prove more difficult than expected; with their usual snappy games being dragged out as a result of my confusion. I was embarrassingly bad – and felt as if I was wasting their time.

In my defense – they weren’t the best teachers.

iKout was the tool needed to invigorate my training; and introduce me to this age-old hobby through a safe, digital environment. Transforming this classic game to a multiplayer app allows this small aspect of Kuwaiti culture to preserve. iKout was released in 2013, and Diwaniya Labs continues to strive forward with their latest release iTrix. I’m extremely excited to see what they produce next!

You can download iKout here, or visit Diwaniya Labs here.

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