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How to buy Bitcoin in Kuwait: YallaBit

YallaBit is a cryptocurrency broker that allows you to instantly buy and sell various cryptocurrencies in Kuwait. Founded in 2017 by Talal Alyaseen and Ali Taqi. According to LinkedIn, company hired around 10 people and fully operates in Sharq area, Kuwait.

YallaBit recently get some seed investment round and according to Crunchbase, they funded 760.000 USD until now. I believe that in near future cryptocurrencies will be more interesting for Kuwaiti people and expats in Kuwait. With this, YallaBit can find a chance to get a Serie A investment and they can plan to expand more.

YallaBit currently allows you buy and sell Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash. YallaBit accepting payments via KNET also.

What’s the most popular cryptocurrency in Kuwait?

Answer is Bitcoin. YallaBit, on their homepage showing which cryptocurrency is most popular. According to transactions, more than sixty percent of share belong to Bitcoin, it followed by Ripple with twenty percent.

For check their website and try to buy some cyrptocurrency, you can click here.

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