Written by Kuwaiti Startups

Give, and the Kuwaiti Social Entrepreneur

Give’s aim is simple – to make donating easy.

This non-profit organization looks to change the habits of Kuwaitis; from donating only during Ramadan to donating year-round. It plans to do this by centralizing many of the ongoing campaigns in Kuwait and providing an easy payment solution to support them.

Charity is a central aspect of Islam, and in turn Kuwaiti culture. As such, Kuwait ranks amongst the top 30 in the world giving index; increasing annually. By making donating simple and accessible, Give ensures both projects in Kuwait and in the region get the support they need.

Additionally, Give upholds morals of credibility, security, and transparency. With detailed bio’s for each project, from humanitarian relief to mosque construction, and many more.

If you have even a passing interest in donating, or just want to see their work for yourself, you can download the app here and visit their website here.

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