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FineDine raises funding from Savour Ventures

It been almost half a year since I moved to Kuwait. In the beginning, It was astonishing for me to see a Turkish startup in restaurants here in Kuwait. But now I get used to it. Kuwait is heaven for foodies! There is a lot of high-end restaurants here fine-dining is very popular. Also, those restaurants are likely to use technology.

Besides food delivery apps like Talabat, Carriage, and Deliveroo in that competitive market, Turkish startup FineDine Menu is highly seen-able in physical restaurants and an excellent example for food tech startups in the MENA. In many restaurants when you are sitting your table, they are giving you iPad tablets for checking menu. This tablet works with FineDine app, and customers can check the food menu from here with high-quality images and even can directly order from the tablet.

FineDine is also coming with many benefits for the restaurants. Restaurants can manage and update their menus very easily. For example, as a restaurant, you changed the price or some items on the menu list. It is effortless to replace it if you are working with FineDine.

FineDine launched in 2016 and founded by Duygu Kutluoğlu Kılıç and Adil Burak Kılıç in İstanbul. This SaaS startup, alumni of 500 Startups’ Accelerator Program in San Francisco and also previously received investments from 500 İstanbul, angel investors Hande Enes and Fırat İşbecer.

Undisclosed investment funds from Kuwait based Savour Ventures, and they have just focused vertically in the food business. Savour, Middle East’s first food vertical accelerator.

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