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CODED has raised $1.3 million pre-Series A round

Kuwait based coding academy CODED has raised 1.3 million USD as a pre-Series A investment. Middle East’s first coding bootcamp founded in 2015 by co-founders Ahmad Marafi and Hashim Behbehani.

That round was led by Kuwait’s KISP Ventures and other Kuwaiti investors including Sijam Ventures, Sirdab Lab, Sharq Capital, 500 Startups and Abdullah Al-Zabin, an angel investor participated. Kuwaiti startup had raised its first seed investment in an undisclosed round in March 2017 and now with that 1.3 mio USD investment they are preparing for a next big Series A.

According to their websites, they completed 24 bootcamp and they graduate more than 250 coders until now. Their game development programs and full-stack developer bootcamps are pretty interesting in my opinion. I’m pretty sure they will have a very important role in future and upcoming startups in Kuwait.

Website: www.joincoded.com

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