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Beverage delivery startup in Kuwait: Drops

As you all know, on-demand delivery startups are facing significant competition in Kuwait. Drops App in Kuwait also in this category, but they have just focused on beverages and operates vertically.

As an individual, if you would like to buy wholesale purchase carrying on water or drinks are a big problem. Usually, they are heavy and come with big boxes. Drops app solving that difficulty, and they are delivering your beverage orders to your door. There is a lot of brand options, and they are not just offering water, you can also order different beverages from the app.

Last week I tried this app, I have just ordered water and Coca-Cola, and my experience was quite smooth and positive. By the way, I ordered glass-bottled Coca-Cola, because it’s tastier than plastic bottled ones, keep that in your mind 🙂 For delivery, they are charging 1KD for each order. To be honest, I didn’t check the prices with the market, but in Drops, you can see high-end luxury water brands and also daily water brands. So in that range, everyone can find some right products for drinking needs.

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